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The Magnet Lab is committed to diversity in all areas of its facility, from undergraduates to faculty, technicians to professional staff. That commitment is put into practice through the lab’s Diversity Action Plan, which is aimed at increasing the recruitment and retention of both faculty and students from underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The Diversity Action Plan addresses an issue of critical national importance: developing a strong and diverse scientific and engineering work force as the U.S. increasingly faces challenges to its role as world leader in science and technology. Part of the plan is to identify promising underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students and to provide them with an enriching environment.

The Magnet Lab is taking the necessary steps to become a nationally recognized leader in the diversity of its scientific, technical and engineering staff. We want to be as well known for our diversity as we are for the quality of our educational and outreach programs. How will we get there? By building permanent diversity into our scientific staff, and by actively working with and recruiting students from underrepresented groups — from grade school to graduate school — to encourage women and minorities to pursue careers in scientific research. As part of this effort, MagLab staff give CO-WIN (College Outreach – Workforce Initiative) presentations on their research and discuss opportunities at the MagLab at various minority serving institutions and conferences. View a list of past presentations.

Please use the Diversity links at left and below to find out more about our efforts.

Educational Outreach

The Magnet Lab recognizes that early exposure to science increases the odds that an underrepresented student will pursue STEM subjects into college. Through the Diversity Program and the lab’s educational arm, the Center for Integrating Research & Learning, it targets K-12 students and teachers as well as undergraduates, offering a variety of programs.

Research Experiences for Teachers
Preference in this six-week professional development program for teachers is given to those who work with underserved or underrepresented students.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates
This summer internship program matches qualified undergraduate students with scientists and researchers at the Magnet Lab’s three sites. This intense eight-week program attracts a high percentage of minority and women.

Undergraduate Research Fellowships
Apart from the REU program, the lab’s diversity program funds year-round undergraduate research fellowships to students from underrepresented groups. The students work in a research group at one of the lab’s three sites. To date, two such fellowships have been awarded. Research opportunities outside the REU program also are available for summer students at the three sites. For more information, contact Roxanne Hughes.

Women in Math, Science & Engineering Mentorship (WIMSE)
The lab provides funding for semester-long research fellowships for WIMSE-affiliated undergraduates at Florida State University.

SciGirls Summer Camp
A unique opportunity for middle- and high-school girls, this summer camp offers participants engaging ways to explore science at a variety of Tallahassee-area sites.

Open Doors Lab
This lab, completed in 2007, provides space for underrepresented students, post-docs and young faculty to do research in collaboration with the Magnet Lab’s Extreme Conditions Group. The Open Doors Lab is a crystal growth and characterization facility with a 16-tesla Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS), furnaces for crystal growth, and a powder X-ray diffractometer. This equipment is important to early-career researchers and their graduate students because it allows them to perform initial measurements that justify experiments in higher magnetic fields.

For more information, please contact Roxanne Hughes, Director of the Diversity Program.

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