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Science Focus

The 900 MHz, 21.1 tesla ultra-wide bore NMR magnet
Our 900 megahertz, 21.1-tesla ultra-wide bore NMR magnet gives researchers the largest experimental space available anywhere.

The Magnet Lab's Tallahassee headquarters is located about 2.5 miles from Florida State University's main campus and just a block from the College of Engineering that FSU operates jointly with Florida A&M University (see map). Every year the 370,000-square-foot complex and the powerful tools it houses attract hundreds of visiting scientists as well as some 10,000 students and other curious visitors who tour the facility or engage in hands-on learning. The magnets are used for a wide array of research across many scientific fields, and are essential for probing the mysteries of nature that lead to new materials and technology. Scientists here explore areas such as superconductivity, with its potential to revolutionize the electric power industry; the development of life-saving new drugs; and basic research that could lead to advanced quantum computers.

Key Facilities

The Tallahassee site is home to four of the lab's seven user programs and more than a dozen high-field magnets, spectrometers and other instruments. Many of these tools hold world records for their strength or other important features. Some of our key instruments are listed below. (A tesla is a measure of magnetic field strength. The Earth's magnetic field is one twenty thousandth of a tesla.)

  • The 45-tesla, world-record hybrid magnet, which produces the highest field of any continuous field magnet in the world
  • 25-tesla, wide-bore magnet for magnetic resonance research
  • 14.5-tesla, shielded superconducting magnet for ion cyclotron resonance (ICR) – the highest field ICR magnet in the world
  • 830 megahertz (MHz) spectrometer for nuclear magnetic tesonance (NMR), with a 19.6-tesla superconducting magnet
  • 900 MHz, 21.1-tesla, ultra-wide bore NMR magnet – giving researchers the largest experimental space to date

The four FSU-based user programs are DC Field, Electron Magnetic Resonance, Ion Cyclotron Resonance and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

Other key resources include:

  • A world-renowned Magnet Science and Technology group, which includes materials development and characterization facilities and the Large Magnet Component Test Laboratory
  • The Applied Superconductivity Center (ASC), which relocated to the Magnet Lab from the University of Wisconsin in 2006
  • The Center for Integrating Research and Learning, offering programs and resources to teachers and students at all levels
  • An impressive utility infrastructure that features a 56 megawatt (MW) power supply and a 4.2-million gallon chilled-water plant

Visit our contact page for a list of key personnel at our Tallahassee site, and see our interactive map for details on locations.

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