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Science is so much more than diagrams and formulas, test tubes and microscopes. Drama, passion, terror, suspense: That's the real stuff of physics, chemistry, biology and other sciences.

Pick up any of the books listed here and youíll see what we mean. Whether itís a beautifully illustrated picture book about bats or a boyís maritime adventure that incorporates lessons on geography and astronomy, these stories engage and entertain kids and grown-ups alike.

By integrating science into compelling tales, these books break down artificial barriers among subjects and help students make connections between what they learn in school and the world around them. Kids who thought they didnít like science will discover how fascinating it really is, and how big a role it plays in their lives.

Children and parents will find in these titles a darn good read. Teachers will find useful tools for integrating literature into the hands-on, inquiry based science classroom. Take as an example the below excerpt from one of our featured books, Danny Dunn and the Swamp Monster. Enterprising middle school teachers could use this story as a jumping-off point for a discussion about superconductors.

"Don't you see?" said the Professor. "It's a superconductor."
"But that's incredible!" Dr. Fenster said. "At room temperature?"
"So it appears. There's no other explanation."
"A superconductor?" Danny put in. "What's that?"

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Have a favorite book you'd like to add to our list? E-mail the title and a brief description and we will include it in the bibliography.

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