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Supervised by scientists, exceptional students conduct their own in-depth research at the MagLab.

Middle School Mentorship Program
A partnership with middle schools in Leon County, Tallahassee.

SciGirls Summer Camp
A two-week, hands-on camp run by the Magnet Lab and WFSU that inspires girls to pursue careers in science.

MagLab Summer Science Camp
The Magnet Lab Summer Science Camp is a hands-on summer camp run by the National High Magnetic Field Lab. The one-week camp is for both boys and girls who will work collaboratively on engineering projects, field trips and interaction with scientists and engineers.

FREEDM Systems Center Pre-college Education Program
Through these summer programs, high school students, middle school students and teachers conduct research and learn about power grids, environmentally responsible power systems, renewable energy and current and future power delivery systems. Coordinated by the MagLab, these programs are part of a global initiative to prepare a diverse group of adaptive, creative students for the workforce.


Try This at Home
Roll up your sleeves and explore electricity and magnetism with some simple activities you can do at home.

Interactive Electricity & Magnetism Tutorials
These Java applets depict numerous concepts, laws, tools and historical milestones associated with electricity and magnetism, letting you take a hands-on approach (virtually) to learning.

Activity Book: Learn About Magnetism / Aprendiendo Sobre los Imánes
Available in both Spanish and English, this activity book for elementary school kids includes word searches, coloring pages, mazes and cool magnet factoids.

Interactive Optics Tutorials
These Java tutorials explore light, microscopes and optics. Part of the Science, Optics & You curriculum.


Science in Literature
Students who love a good story can find plenty to choose from in this collection – no textbooks allowed!

Web Resources for Kids
Your portal to dozens of kid-friendly Web sites dealing with electricity, magnetism and other sciences.

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