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This is one-stop shopping for nearly anything you might want to know about electricity and magnetism. From André-Marie Ampère to Wilhelm Weber, from 600 BC to the 21st century, from one end of the World Wide Web to the other: All you need is a mouse and an inquiring mind.

Interactive Tutorials
Here you'll find explanations and interactive graphics on the concepts, laws, tools and historical milestones associated with electricity and magnetism. Some of the tutorials are in Java, others in Flash (which looks and works better). We're updating all of our interactive graphics to Flash, so please check back again soon.

Magnet Academy
You won’t find any tests, formulas or cryptic science-ese here. Our goal is to explain some of the very cool work that goes on at our lab in a way that won’t scare away artists or English majors. Learn about magnets, MRIs, cryogenics and more.

Science Demonstrations
Audio slideshows demonstrating concepts related to magnetism, electricity and other areas of science.

Pioneers in Electricity and Magnetism
Amp, Celsius, Kelvin, hertz, tesla: These terms are familiar to all science students. Behind them is a group of scientists who went down in history for their groundbreaking work in magnetism and electricity. Get to know these pioneers by visiting this page.

Museum of Electricity and Magnetism
From the world's first "south-pointer" (an early compass) to modern instruments such as the magnetic force microscope, our Museum of Electricity and Magnetism will introduce you to a variety of instruments, tools and machines devised over the centuries.

Timeline of Electricity and Magnetism
Our timeline guides you through the highlights of electricity and magnetism across the globe, from the first compasses in China to the invention of magnetic core computer memory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and beyond.

Magnet Milestones
Find out about some of the key events in magnet history.

Tools of the Trade
Descriptions of tools and techniques used by scientists here at the MagLab.

Materials Under the Microscope
A series of more technical discussions on topics that include superconductivity and thin metallic films, illustrated by photomicrographs that offer brilliant close-ups of these materials.

Electricity and Magnetism on the Web
Check out these quality Web sites. We've done the sifting for you, identifying reputable sites offering great content. Produced by a variety of institutions, these sites let you see magnets levitate, explore electric fields and a lot more.

MagLab Dictionary
An audio dictionary about the MagLab in which our scientists define terms that are bandied about at the lab, but missing from most people's vocabulary.

What Is This?
Helium recovery bags? Dewars? Bus rooms? Huh? Find out about these and other unusual contraptions found around the lab.

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