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Scientists in the Condensed Matter Group include both theory and experimental physicists who are on the faculty at Florida State University. They concentrate on various aspects of condensed matter physics, including studies and experiments involving magnetism, the quantum Hall effect, quantum oscillations, high-temperature superconductivity and heavy fermion systems.

Several members of the group directly support the user program and conduct fruitful collaborations with visiting scientists. Many of the scientists in this group supervise graduate students, introducing them to the professional world of research in high magnetic fields and helping to shape their careers.

The branches of the MagLab at Los Alamos and the University of Florida also maintain very active research programs and user activities in theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics with distinguished faculty at both campuses collaborating with scientists at each of the three NHMFL sites.

Research Areas

Complex Behavior Near Metal-Insulator Transitions

  • Mott transitions in oxides and organic systems
  • Nanoscale phase separation and dynamic heterogeneity
  • 2D metal-insulator transition in semiconductors
  • Glassy behavior and non-equilibrium dynamics of disordered electrons
  • Colossal magneto-resistance effects in manganites and diluted magnetic semiconductors
  • Charge density waves, spin density waves and superconductivity in organic systems
  • Semimetals: graphite and graphene

Exotic Superconductivity and Pairing

Low Dimensional Electronic Structures

Quantum Information Technology

For more information, contact Vladimir Dobrosavljevic (Director, Condensed Matter Science / Theory), Al Migliori (Los Alamos National Laboratory) or Neil Sullivan (University of Florida).

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