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This is a new and growing list of audio slideshows about the lab; please check back soon for more features. These slideshows require Adobe Flash Player, which you can download easily for free.

About the MagLab

Shermane Benjamin
Science Show & Tell
There are many paths to science. These short audio slideshows with MagLab scientists and engineers illustrate the varied ways science has captivated them.
Greg Boebinger
MagLab Tour
Can't come tour the lab in person? This is the next best thing. We'll even show you stuff that most visitors to the lab never get to see.
900 MHz NMR Magnet
The Strongest MRI Machine in the World
At 21.1 tesla, our 900 MHz NMR magnet is the strongest MRI machine in the world, enabling promising research into brain disorders, cancer, addiction and more using animal models.
Length: 9 minutes
Child at Open House
Open House 2009
Our annual Open House is a fun, family-friendly celebration of science, with something for all ages.
Length: 10 minutes
Making Magnets
The World's Strongest Magnet
Our 45 tesla hybrid isn't just a magnet – it's a complex, powerful, fascinating magnet system that attracts scientists from around the world.
Length: 9 minutes, 30 seconds
Making Magnets
Making Magnets
How do you make a resistive magnet? Very carefully! In fact, our magnet technicians are obsessed with quality control – one of the reasons we are a world leader in magnet-making.
Length: 8 minutes, 47 seconds
Magnet turn
Helix-stacking one turn of a resistive magnet coil
A longer look at how to helix-stack a resistive magnet coil, for those who have viewed our Making Magnets audio slideshow.
Length: 1 minute, 28 seconds
Magnet coil
Flat-stacking one turn of a resistive magnet coil
A quick look at how a resistive magnet coil is made using flat-stacking (no audio).
Length: 16 seconds

Science Demonstrations

Also see our Science Demonstrations slideshows.

For more information on our audio slideshows, contact Public Affairs.

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