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Dr. Huadong Zeng

Specialist, Animal MRI/S Applications
UF, AMRIS Affiliated Faculty & Staff

Phone: 352 - 294-0531
Fax: 352 - 392-3422
Address: McKnight Brain Institute
1149 South Newell Drive, P.O. Box 100015
Gainesville , FL 32611-

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Publications and Scientific Activities

##Peer-Reviewed Publications
1 Sahara, N.; Perez, P.D.; Lin, W.; Dickson, D.W.; Ren, Y.; Zeng, H.D.; Lewis, J. and Fedo, M., Age-related decline in white matter integrity in a mouse model of tauopathy: an in vivo diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging study, Neurobiology of Aging, 35 (6), 1364-1374 (2014) [read online]
2 Ardelt, A.A.; Carpenter, R.S.; Lobo, M.R.; Zeng, H.D.; Solanki, R.B.; Zhang, A.; Kulesza, P. and Pike, M.M., Estradiol modulates post-ischemic cerebral vascular remodeling and improves long-term functional outcome in a rat model of stroke, Brain Research, 1461, 76-86 (2012) [read online]
3 Keeler, A.M.; Conlon, T.; Walter, G.; Zeng, H.D.; Shaffer, S.A.; Fu, D.T.; Erger, K.; Cossette, T.; Tang, Q.S.; Mueller, C. and Flotte, T.R., Long-term Correction of Very Long-chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency in Mice Using AAV9 Gene Therapy, Molecular Therapy, 20 (6), 1131-1138 (2012) [read online]
4 Warren, S.A.; Briggs, L.E.; Zeng, H.D.; Chuang, J.; Chang, E.I.; Terada, R.; Li, M.Y.; Swanson, M.S.; Lecker, S.H.; Willis, M.S.; Spinale, F.G.; Maupin-Furlowe, J.; McMullen, J.R.; Moss, R.L. and Kashara, H., Myosin Light Chain Phosphorylation is Critical for Adaptation to Cardiac Stress, Circulation, 126 (22), 2575-+ (2012) [read online]

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