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    Year: 2008

1 Ai, H.; Hazelwood, K.; Davidson, M.; and Campbell, R., Fluorescent protein FRET pairs for ratiometric imaging of dual biosensors., Nature Methods, 5 (5), 401-403 (2008) [read online]
2 Ai, H.; Olenych, S.; Wong, P.; Davidson, M. and Campbell, R., Hue-shifted monomeric variants of Clavularia cyan fluorescentprotein: identification of the molecular determinants of color andapplications in fluorescence imaging, BMC Biology, 6 (13), 1-13 (2008) [read online]
3 Hazelwood, K.; Ramko, E.; Ozarowska, A.; Olenych, S.; Worthy, P.; Guan, A.; Murphy, C. and Davidson, M., Searching the Fluorescent Protein Color Palette for New FRET Pairs, Proc. SPIE, 6868, 68680-11 (2008) [read online]
4 Shaner, N.; Lin, M.; McKeown, M.; Steinbach, P.; Hazelwood, K.; Davidson, M. and Tsien, R., Improving the photostability of bright monomeric orange and red fluorescent proteins, Nature Methods, 5 (6), 545 (2008) [read online]

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