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2014 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Albrecht-Schmitt, T.E.; Cross, J.N.; Villa, E.M.; Darling, V.R.; Polinski, M.J.; Lin, J.; Tan, X.; Kikugawa, N.; Shatruk, M. and Baumbach, R., Straightforward Reductive Routes to Air-Stable Uranium(III) and Neptunium(III) Materials, Inorg. Chem., 53 (14), 7455 (2014) [read online]
2 Bacher, F.; Dömötör, O.; Kaltenbrunner, M.; Mojović, M.; Popović-Bijelić, A.; Gräslund, A.; Ozarowski, A.; Filipović, L.; Radulović, S.; Enyedy, E. and Arion, V. B., Effects of Terminal Dimethylation and Metal Coordination of Proline-2-formylpyridine Thiosemicarbazone Hybrids on Lipophilicity, Antiproliferative Activity, and hR2 RNR Inhibition, Inorg. Chem., 53, 12595−12609 (2014)
3 Dolai, M.; Amjad, A.; Debnath, M.; van Tol, J.; del Barco, E. and Ali, M., Water-Stable Manganese(IV) Complex of a N2O4-Donor Non-Schiff-Base Ligand: Synthesis, Structure, and Multifrequency High-Field Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies, Inorg. Chem., 53 (11), 5423-5428 (2014)
4 Fataftah, M.S.; Zadrozny, J.M.; Rogers, D.M. and Freedman, D.E., A Mononuclear Transition Metal Single-Molecule Magnet in a Nuclear Spin-Free Ligand Environment, Inorg. Chem., 53, 10716–10721 (2014) [read online]
5 Lin, J.; Diefenbach, K.; Kikugawa, N.; Baumbach, R.E. and Albrecht-Schmitt, T.E., Dimensional and Coordination Number Reductions in a Large Family of Lanthanide Tellurite Sulfates, Inorg. Chem., 53 (16), 8555-8564 (2014) [read online]
6 Liu, W.; Christian, J.H.; Al-Oweini, R.; Bassil, B.S.; van Tol, J.; Atanasov, M.; Neese, F.; Dalal, N.S. and Kortz, U., Synthesis, Detailed Characterization, and Theoretical Understanding of Mononuclear Chromium(III)-Containing Polyoxotungstates [CrIII(HXVW7O28)2]13- (X = P, As) with Exceptionally Large Magnetic Anisotropy, Inorg. Chem., 53 (17), 9274-9283 (2014) [read online]
7 Reger, D.L.; Pascui, A.E.; Foley, E.A.; Smith, M.D.; Jezierska, J. and Ozarowski, A., Dinuclear Metallacycles with Single M-O(H)-M Bridges [M = Fe(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II)]: Effects of Large Bridging Angles on Structure and Antiferromagnetic Superexchange Interactions, Inorg. Chem., 53, 1975−1988 (2014) [read online]
8 Reger, D.L.; Pascui, A.E.; Pellechia, P.J.; Smith, M.D.; Jezierska, J. and Ozarowski, A., Hydroxide-Bridged Cubane Complexes of Nickel(II) and Cadmium(II): Magnetic, EPR, and Unusual Dynamic Properties, Inorg. Chem., 53 (9), 4325–4339 (2014) [read online]
9 Vasylevskyy, S.I.; Senchyk, G.A.; Lysenko, A.B.; Rusanov, E.B.; Chernega, A.N.; Jezierska, J.; Krautscheid, A.; Domasevitch, K.V. and Ozarowski, A., 1,2,4-Triazolyl-Carboxylate-Based MOFs Incorporating Triangular Cu(II)-Hydroxo Clusters: Topological Metamorphosis and Magnetism, Inorg. Chem., 53 (7), 3642–3654 (2014) [read online]
10 Ward, M.D.; Mesbah, A.; Lee, M.; Malliakas, C.D.; Choi, E.S. and Ibers, J.A., Synthesis and Characterization of Two Quaternary Uranium Tellurides, RbTiU3Te9 and CsTiU3Te9, Inorg. Chem., 53, 7909 (2014)
11 Ward, M.D.; Mesbah, A.; Minasian, S.G.; Shuh, D.K.;Tyliszczak, T.; Lee, M.; Choi, E.S.; Lebègue, S. and Ibers, J.A., Synthesis and Characterization of Eight Compounds of the MU8Q17 Family: ScU8S17, CoU8S17, NiU8S17, TiU8Se17, VU8Se17, CrU8Se17, CoU8Se17, and NiU8Se17, Inorg. Chem., 53, 6920 (2014)

2013 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Cuny, J.; Cordier, S.; Perrin, C.; Pickard, C.J.; Delevoye, L.; Trébosc, J.; Gan, Z.; Le Pollès, L. and Gautier, R., 95Mo Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Quantum Simulations: Synergetic Tools for the Study of Molybdenum Cluster Materials, Inorg. Chem., 52, 617–627 (2013) [read online]
2 Das, L.K.; Biswas, A.; Kinyon, J.S.; Dalal, N.S.; Zhou, H. and Ghosh, A., Di-, Tri-, and Tetranuclear Nickel(II) Complexes with Oximato Bridges: Magnetism and Catecholase-like Activity of Two Tetranuclear Complexes Possessing Rhombic Topology, Inorg. Chem., 52, 11744-11757 (2013) [read online]
3 Dumont, M.F.; Risset, O.N.; Knowles, E.S.; Yamamoto, T.; Pajerowski, D.M.; Meisel, M.W. and Talham, D.R., Synthesis and Size Control of Iron(II) Hexacyanochromate(III) Nanoparticles and the Effect of Particle Size on Linkage Isomerism, Inorg. Chem., 52 (8), 4494–4501 (2013) [read online]
4 Forshaw, A.P.; Smith, J.M.; Ozarowski, A.; Krzystek, J.; Smirnov, D.; Zvyagin, S.A.; Harris, T.D.; Kuranadasa, H.I.; Zadrozny, J.M.; Schnegg, A.; Holldack, K.; Jackson, T.A.; Alamiri, A.; Barnes, D.M. and Telser, J., Low-spin hexa-coordinate Mn(III): Synthesis and spectroscopic investigation of homoleptic tris(pyrazolyl)borate and tris(carbene)borate complexes, Inorg. Chem., 52, 144-159 (2013) [read online]
5 Idešicová, M.; Titiš, J.; Krzystek, J. and Boča, R., Zero-field splitting in pseudotetrahedral Co(II) complexes: a magnetic, high-frequency and -field EPR, and calculational study, Inorg. Chem., 52, 9409-9417 (2013) [read online]
6 Lampropoulos, C.; Murugesu, M.; Harter, A. G.; Wernsdofer, W.; Hill, S.; Dalal, N. S.; Abboud, K. A. and Christou, G., Synthesis, Structure, and Spectroscopic and Magnetic Characterization of [Mn12O12(O2CCH2But)16(MeOH)4].MeOH, a Mn12 Single-Molecule Magnet with True Axial Symmetry, Inorg. Chem., 52, 258-272 (2013) [read online]
7 Liu, J.; Krzystek, J.; Hill, S.; Barrios, L. and Aromì, G., Elucidating magnetic exchange and anisotropy in weakly coupled MnIII dimers, Inorg. Chem., 52, 718-723 (2013) [read online]
8 Peng, J.; Li, J.; Ozarowski, A.; Sleight, A.W. and Subramanian, M.A., Intense Turquoise and Green Colors in Brownmillerite-Type Oxides Based on Mn5+ in Ba2In2–xMnxO5+x, Inorg. Chem., 52 (3), 1349-1357 (2013) [read online]
9 Reger, D.L.; Pascui, A.E.; Pellechia, P.J. and Ozarowski, A., NMR Investigations of Dinuclear, Single-Anion Bridged Copper(II) Metallacycles: Structure and Antiferromagnetic Behavior in Solution, Inorg. Chem., 52 (21), 12741-12748 (2013)
10 Schweinfurth, D.; Krzystek, J.; Schapiro, S.; Demeshko, S.; Klein, J.; Telser, J.; Ozarowski, A.; Su, C.-Y.; Meyer, F.; Atanasov, M.; Neese, F. and Sarkar, B., Electronic structures of octahedral Ni(II) complexes with “click” derived triazole ligands: a combined structural, magnetometric, HFEPR, LFT and theoretical study, Inorg. Chem., 52, 6880-6892 (2013) [read online]
11 Simmons, J.T.; Allen, J.R.; Morris, D.R.; Clark, R.J.; Levenson, C.W.; Davidson, M.W. and Zhu, L., Integrated and Passive 1,2,3-Triazolyl Groups in Fluorescent Indicators for Zinc(II) Ions: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Evaluations, Inorg. Chem., 20 (52), 5838-5850 (2013) [read online]
12 Wojciechowska, A.; Gagor, A.; Duczmal, M.; Staszak, Z. and Ozarowski, A., l-Tyrosinatonickel(II) Complex: Synthesis and Structural, Spectroscopic, Magnetic, and Biological Properties of 2{[Ni(l-Tyr)2(bpy)]}·3H2O·CH3OH, Inorg. Chem., 52 (8), 4360-4371 (2013) [read online]

2012 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Babo, J.-M.; Choi, E.S. and Albrecht-Schmitt, T.E., Synthesis, Structure, Magnetism, and Optical Properties of Cs2Cu3DyTe4, Inorg. Chem., 2012, 11730-11735 (2012)
2 Barsukova-Stuckart, M.; Izarova, N.V.; Barrett, R.A.; Wang, Z.; van Tol, J.; Kroto, H.W.; Dalal, N.S.; Jiménez-Lozano, P.; Carbó, J.J.; Poblet, J.M.; von Gernler, M.S.; Drewello, T.; de Oliveira, P.; Keita, B. and Kortz, U., Polyoxopalladates Encapsulating 8‑Coordinated Metal Ions,[MO8PdII12L8]n− (M = Sc3+, Mn2+, Fe3+, Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+, Zn2+, Lu3+; L = PhAsO32−, PhPO32−, SeO32−), Inorg. Chem., 51, 13214-13228 (2012) [read online]
3 Chen, S-I.; Beedle, C.C.; Gan, P-R.; Lee, G-H.; Hill, S. and Yang, E-C., Half-Integer Spin Heptanuclear Single-Molecule Magnet with an Unusual MnIII6MnII Exchange-Coupled Core, Inorg. Chem., 51 (8), 4448–4457 (2012)
4 Chygorin, E.N.; Nesterova, O.V.; Rusanova, J.A.; Kokozay, V.N.; Bon, V.N.; Boča, R. and Ozarowski, A., Novel Heterometallic Schiff Base Complexes Featuring Unusual Tetranuclear {CoIII2FeIII2(μ-O)6} and Octanuclear {CoIII4FeIII4(μ-O)14} Cores: Direct Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Magnetic Properties, Inorg. Chem., 51 (1), 386-396 (2012) [read online]
5 Desrochers, P.J.; Sutton, C.A.; Abrams, M.L.; Ye, S.; Neese, F.; Telser, J.; Ozarowski, A. and Krzystek, J., Electronic structure of nickel(II) and zinc(II) borohydrides from spectroscopic measurements and computational modeling, Inorg. Chem., 51, 2793-2805 (2012) [read online]
6 Guha, P.M.; Phan, H.; Kinyon, J.S.; Brotherton, W.S.; Sreenath, K.; Simmons, J.T.; Wang, Z.; Clark, R.J.; Dalal, N.S.; Shatruk, M. and Zhu, L., Structurally Diverse Copper(II) Complexes of Polyaza Ligands Containing 1,2,3-Triazoles: Site Selectivity and Magnetic Properties, Inorg. Chem., 51, 3465 (2012) [read online]
7 Krzystek, J.; Ozarowski, A.; Zvyagin, S.A. and Telser, J., High spin Co(I): high-frequency and -field EPR spectroscopy of CoX(PPh3)3, where X = Cl, Br, Inorg. Chem., 51, 4954-4964 (2012) [read online]
8 Maganas, D.; Krzystek, J.; Ferentinos, E.; Whyte, A.; Robertson, N.; Psycharis, V.; Terzis, A.; Neese, F. and Kyritsis, P., Investigating magnetostructural correlations in the pseudo-octahedral trans-[NiII)((OPPh2)(EPPh2)N)2(sol)2] complexes, E = S, Se; sol = dmf, thf, by magnetometry, HFEPR, and ab initio quantum chemistry, Inorg. Chem., 51, 7218-7231 (2012) [read online]
9 Malliakas, C.; Yao, J.; Wells, D.; Jin, G.B.; Skanthakumar, S.; Choi, E.S.; Balasubramanian, M.; Soderholm, L.; Ellis, D.; Kanatzidis, M. and Ibers, J.A., Oxidation State of Uranium in A6Cu12U2S15 (A = K, Rb, Cs) Compounds, Inorg. Chem., 51, 6153 (2012)
10 Manson, J.L.; Baldwin, A.G.; Scott, B.L.; Bendix, J.; Del Sesto, R.E.; Goddard, P.A.; Kohama, Y.; Tran, H.E.; Ghannadzadeh, S.; Singleton, J.; Lancaster, T.; Moller, J.S.; Blundell, S.J.; Pratt, F.L.; Zapf, V.S.; Kang, J.; Lee, C.; Whangbo, M.H. and Baines, C., [Ni(HF2)(3-Clpy)4]BF4 (py = pyridine): Evidence for Spin Exchange Along Strongly Distorted F···H ···F- Bridges in a One-Dimensional Polymeric Chain, Inorg. Chem., 51 (14), 7520-7528 (2012) [read online]
11 Manson, J.L.; Woods, T.J.; Lapidus, S.H.; Stephens, P.W.; Southerland, H.I.; Zapf, V.S.; Singleton, J.; Goddard, P.A.; Lancaster, T.; Steele, A.J. and Blundell, S.J., Ag(nic)2 (nic = Nicotinate): A Spin-Canted Quasi-2D Antiferromagnet Composed of Square-Planar S=1/2 AgII Ions, Inorg. Chem., 51, 1989 (2012) [read online]
12 McGarvey, B.R. and Telser, J., Simple Ligand-Field Theory of d4 and d6 Transition Metal Complexes with a C3 Symmetry Axis, Inorg. Chem., 51 (11), 6000-6010 (2012) [read online]
13 Nesterov, D.S.; Chygorin, E.N.; Kokozay, V.N.; Boca, R.; Kozlov, Y.N.; Shulpina, L.S.; Jezierska, J.; Ozarowski, A.; Pombeiro, A.J.L. and Shulpin, G.B., Heterometallic CoIII4FeIII2 Schiff Base Complex: Structure, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, and Alkane Oxidation Catalytic Activity, Inorg. Chem., 51 (16), 9110-9122 (2012) [read online]
14 Oh, G.N.; Choi, E.S. and Ibers, J.A., Syntheses and Characterization of Nine Quaternary Uranium Chalcogenides Among the Compounds A2M3UQ-6, Inorg. Chem., 51, 4224-4230 (2012)
15 Oh, G.N.; Choi, E.S.; Lu, J.; Koscielski, L.A.; Ward, M.D.; Ellis, D.E. and Ibers, J.A., Syntheses and Characterization of Six Quaternary Uranium Chalcogenides A2M4U6Q17 (A = Rb or Cs; M = Pd or Pt; Q = S or Se), Inorg. Chem., 51, 8873 (2012)
16 Reger, D.L.; Debreczeni, A.; Smith, M.D.; Jezierska, J. and Ozarowski, A., Copper(II) Carboxylate Dimers Prepared from Ligands Designed to Form a Robust π···π Stacking Synthon: Supramolecular Structures and Molecular Properties, Inorg. Chem., 51, 1068-1083 (2012) [read online]
17 Reger, D.L.; Pascui, A.E.; Smith, M.D.; Jezierska, J. and Ozarowski, A., Halide and Hydroxide Linearly Bridged Bimetallic Copper(II) Complexes: Trends in Strong Antiferromagnetic Superexchange Interactions, Inorg. Chem., 51, 7966-7968 (2012) [read online]
18 Reger, D.L.; Pascui, A.E.; Smith, M.D.; Jezierska, J. and Ozarowski, A., Dinuclear Complexes Containing Linear M−F−M [M = Mn(II), Fe(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II)] Bridges: Trends in Structures, Antiferromagnetic Superexchange Interactions, and Spectroscopic Properties, Inorg. Chem., 51, 11820-11836 (2012) [read online]
19 Schlueter, J.A. ; Park, H.; Halder, G.J.; Armand, W.R.; Dunmars, C.; Chapman, K.W.; Manson, J.L.; Singleton, J.; McDonald, R.; Polnczak, A.; Kang, J.; Lee, C.; Whangbo, M.-H.; Lancaster, T.; Steele, A.J.; Franke, I.; Wright, J.D.; Blundell, S.J.; Pratt, F.L.; deGeorge, J.; Turnbull, M.M. and Landee, C.P., Importance of halogen---halogen contacts for the structural and magnetic properties of CuX2(pyrazine-N,N'-dioxide)(H2O)2 (x = Cl & Br)., Inorg. Chem., 51 (4), 2121-2129 (2012) [read online]

2011 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Bugaris, D.E.; Choi, E.S.; Copping, R.; Glans, P.-A.; Minasian, S.G.; Tyliszczak, T.; Kozimor, S.A.; Shuh, D.K. and Ibers, J.A., Pentavalent and Tetravalent Uranium Selenides, Tl3Cu4USe6 and Tl2Ag2USe4: Syntheses, Inorg. Chem., 50, 6656 (2011)
2 Dumont, M.F.; Knowles, E.S.; Guiet, A.; Pajerowski, D.M.; Gomez, A.; Kycia, S.W.; Meisel, M.W. and Talham, D.R., Photoinduced Magnetism in Core-Shell Prussian Blue Analog Heterostructures of KjNik[Cr(CN)6]l·nH2O with RbaCob[Fe(CN)6]c·mH2O, Inorg. Chem., 50, 4295-4300 (2011) [read online]
3 Heroux, K.J.; Quddusi, H.M.; Liu, J.; O’Brien, J.R.; Nakano, M.; del Barco, E.; Hill, S. and Hendrickson, D.N., Cationic Mn4 SMM with a Sterically Isolated Core, Inorg. Chem., 50 (16), 7367-7369 (2011) [read online]
4 Jakobsen, H.J.; Bildsoe, H.; Skibsted, J.; Brorson, M.; Hung, I. and Gan, Z., Synthesis of 17O-labeled Cs2WO4 and its ambient- and low-temperature solid-state 17O MAS NMR spectra, Inorg. Chem., 50 (16), 7676-7684 (2011)
5 Kovnir, K.; Ovidiu Garlea, V.; Thompson, C.M.; Zhou, H.D.; Reiff, W.M.; Ozarowski, A. and Shatruk, M., Spin-Glass Behavior in LaFexCo2-xP2 Solid Solutions: Interplay Between Magnetic Properties and Crystal and Electronic Structures, Inorg. Chem., 50, 10274–10283 (2011) [read online]
6 Kuang, G.C.; Allen, J.R.; Baird, M.A.; Nguyen, B.T.; Zhang, L.; Morgan, T.J.; Levenson, C.W.; Davidson, M.W. and Zhu. L., Balance between fluorescence enhancement and association affinity in fluorescent heteroditopic indicators for imaging zinc ion in living cells, Inorg. Chem., 50 (20), 10493-10504 (2011) [read online]
7 Manson, J.L; Lapidus, S.H.; Stephens, P.W.; Peterson, P.K.; Carreiro, K.E.; Southerland, H.; Lancaster, T.; Blundell, S.J.; Steele, A.J.; Goddard, P.A.; Pratt, F.L.; Singleton, J.; Kohama, Y.; McDonald, R.D.; Del Sesto, R.E. Smith, N.A.; Bendix, O.J.; Zvyagin, S.A.; Kang, J.; Lee, C.; Whangbo, M.; Zapf, V.S. and Plonczak, A., Structural, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties of Quasi-1D Quantum Magnets [Ni(HF2)(pyz)2]X (pyz = pyrazine; X = PF6-, SbF6-) Exhibiting Ni-FHF-Ni and Ni-pyz-Ni Spin Interactions, Inorg. Chem., 50 (13), 5990-6009 (2011)
8 Schwalbe, M.; Dogutan, D.; Stoian, S.A.; Teets, T.; Surendranath, Y. and Nocera, D.G., Iron Xanthene-Modified and Hangman Corrole, Inorg. Chem., 50, 1368-1377 (2011)
9 Wojciechowska, A.; Daszkiewicz, M.; Staszak, Z.; Trusz-Zdybek, A.; Bienko, A. and Ozarowski, A., Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Spectroscopic, Magnetic, Theoretical, and Microbiological Studies of a Nickel(II) Complex of l-Tyrosine and Imidazole, [Ni(Im)2(l-tyr)24H2O, Inorg. Chem., 50 (22), 11532-11542 (2011) [read online]

2010 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Bassil, B.S.; Ibrahim, M.; Mal, S.S.; Suchopar, A.; Biboum, R.N.; Keita, B.; Nadjo, L.; Nellutla, S.; van Tol, J.; Dalal, N.S. and Kortz, U., Cobalt, Manganese, Nickel, and Vanadium Derivatives of the Cyclic 48-Tungsto-8-Phosphate [H7P8W48O184](33-), Inorg. Chem., 49 (11), 4949-4959 (2010)
2 Beedle, C.C.; Henderson, J.J.; Ho, P.C.; Sayles, T.; Nakano, M.; O'Brien, J.R.; Heroux, K.J.; del Barco, E.; Maple, M.B. and Hendrickson, D.N., Ferromagnetic Ordering and Simultaneous Fast Magnetization Tunneling in a Ni-4 Single-Molecule Magnet, Inorg. Chem., 49 (13), 5780-5782 (2010) [read online]
3 Białońska, A.; Bronisz, R.; Darowska, K.; Drabent, K.; Kusz, J.; Siczek, M.; Weselski, M.; Zubko, M. and Ozarowski, A., A nitrile-rich coordination polymer {[Fe(CH3CN)4(pyrazine)](ClO4)2} exhibits a HS-LS transition, Inorg. Chem., 49, 11267-11269 (2010) [read online]
4 Caputo, R.; Guzzetta, F. and Angerhofer, A., Room-Temperature Synthesis of Nickel Borides via Decomposition of NaBH4 Promoted by Nickel Bromide, Inorg. Chem., 49, 8756-8762 (2010)
5 Cotton, F.A.; Chiarella, G.M.; Dalal, N.S.; Murillo, C.A.; Wang, Z. and Young, M.D., Proof by EPR Spectroscopy that the Unpaired Electron in an (Os2)7+ Species Is in a δ* Metal-based Molecular Orbital, Inorg. Chem., 49, 319 (2010) [read online]
6 Jin, G. B.; Ringe, E.; Long, G.J.; Grandjean, F.; Sougrati, M.T.; Choi, E.S.; Wells, D. M.; Balasubramanian, M. and Ibers, J.A., Structural, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties of UFeS3 and UFeSe3, Inorg. Chem., 49, 10455 (2010)
7 Lampropoulos, C.; Redler, G.; Datta, S.; Abboud, K.A.; Hill, S. and Christou, G., Binding of Higher Alcohols onto Mn12 Single-Molecule Magnets: Engineering the Highest Barrier Mn12 SMM, Inorg. Chem., 49, 1325-1336 (2010) [read online]
8 Michaels, H.A.; Murphy, C.S.; Clark, R.J.; Davidson, M.W. and Zhu, L., 2-Anthryltriazolyl-containing multidentate ligands: zinc-coordination mediated photophysical processes and potential in live-cell imaging applications, Inorg. Chem., 49 (9), 4278-4287 (2010) [read online]
9 Semenaka, V.V.; Nesterova, O.V.; Kokozay, V.N.; Dyakonenko, V.V.; Zubatyuk, R.I.; Shishkin, O.V.; Boca, R.; Jezierska, J. and Ozarowski, A., Cr(III)-Cr(III) Interactions in Two Alkoxo-Bridged Heterometallic Zn2Cr2 Complexes Self-Assembled from Zinc Oxide, Reinecke’s Salt and Diethanolamine, Inorg. Chem., 49, 5460-5471 (2010) [read online]
10 Stoian, S.A.; Paraschiv, C.; Kiritsakas, N.; Lloret, F.; Münck, E.; Bominaar, E.L. and Andruh, M.C., Mössbauer, EPR, and magnetic susceptibility studies on members of a new family of cyano-bridged 3d-4f complexes. Demonstration of anisotropic exchange in a Fe-Gd complex, Inorg. Chem., 2010, 3387-3401 (2010)
11 Yang, T.-H.; Knowles, E.S.; Pajerowski, D.M.; Xia, J.-S.; Yin, L.; Gao, S.; Meisel, M.W.; Zheng, L.-M., Metal Monophosphonates M{(2-C5H4NO)CH2PO3}(H2O)2 (M = Co, Ni, Mn, Cd): Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetism, Inorg. Chem., 49 (18), 8474-8480 (2010) [read online]
12 Ye, S.; Neese, F.; Ozarowski, A.; Smirnov , D.; Krzystek, J.; Telser, J.; Liao, J.-H.; Hung, C.-H.; Chu, W.-C.; Tsai, Y.-F; Wang, R.-C.; Chen, K.-Y. and Hsu, H.-F., A family of V(III)-tristhiolato complexes relevant to functional models of vanadium nitrogenase: synthesis and electronic structure investigations by means of high-frequency and -field Electron Paramagnetic Resonance coupled to quantum chemical computations, Inorg. Chem., 49 (3), 977-988 (2010) [read online]

2009 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Buvaylo, E.A.; Kokozay, V.N.; Vassilyeva, O.Y.; Skelton, B.W.; Eremenko, I.L.; Jezierska, J. and Ozarowski, A., Direct Synthesis, Crystal Structure, High-Field EPR, and Magnetic Studies on an Octanuclear Heterometallic Cu(II)/Cd Complex of Triethanolamine, Inorg. Chem., 48 (23), 11092–11097 (2009) [read online]
2 Cui, H.; Brooks, J.; Graf, D.; Okano, Y.; Sun, H. and Kobayashi, H., Electrical Properties of New Organic Conductor (BEST)2InBr4[BEST = Bis(ethylenediseleno)tetrathiafulvalene] up to 10.8 GPa and Antiferromagnetic Transition of (BEST)2FeBr4, Inorg. Chem., 48, 4268-4270 (2009)
3 Feng, P.L.; Koo, C.; Henderson, J.; Manning, P.; Nakano, M.; del Barco, E.; Hill, S. and Hendrickson, D.N., Nanomodulation of Molecular Nanomagnets, Inorg. Chem., 48, 3480-3492 (2009) [read online]
4 Jin, G.B.; Choi, E.S. and Ibers, J.A., Reinvestigation of the Uranium(3.5) Rare-Earth Oxysulfides “(UO)2LnS3", Inorg. Chem., 48, 8227 (2009)
5 Mal, S.S.; Bassil, B.S.; Ibrahim, M.; Nellutla, S.; van Tol, J.; Dalal, N.S.; Fernandez, J.A.; Lopez, X.; Poblet, J.M.; Biboum, R.N.; Kelta, B. and Kortz, U., Wheel-Shaped Cu20-Tungstophosphate [Cu20X(OH)24(H2O)12(P8W48O184)]25- Ion (X = Cl, Br, I) and the Role of the Halide Guest, Inorg. Chem., 48 (24), 11636-11645 (2009) [read online]
6 Martinez-Lillo, J.; Armentano, D.; De Munno, G.; Wernsdorfer, W.; Clemente-Juan, J.; Krzystek, J.; Lloret, F.; Julve, M. and Faus, J., Heterotetranuclear oxalato-bridged ReIV3MII (M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu) complexes: a new example of single molecule magnet (M = Ni), Inorg. Chem., 48 (7), 3027-3038 (2009) [read online]
7 Popescu, C.V.; Mock, M.T.; Stoian, S.A.; Dougherty, W.G.; Yap, G.P.A. and Riordan, C.G., A High-Spin Organometallic Fe−S Compound: Structural and Mössbauer Spectroscopic Studies of [Phenyltris((tert-butylthio)methyl)borate]Fe(Me), Inorg. Chem., 48, 8317-8324 (2009)
8 Radosevich, A.T.; Melnick, J.G.; Stoian, S.A.; Bacciu, D.; Chen, C-H.; Foxman, B. M.; Ozerov, O.V. and Nocera, D.G., Ligand Reactivity in Diarylamido/Bis(Phosphine) PNP Complexes of Mn(CO)3 and Re(CO)3, Inorg. Chem., 48, 9214-9221 (2009)
9 Xavier, F.R.; Neves, A.; Casellato, A.; Peralta, R.A.; Bortoluzzi, A.J.; Szpoganicz, B.; Severino, P.C.; Terenzi, H.; Tomkowicz, Z.; Ostrovski, S.; Haase, W.; Ozarowski, A.; Krzystek, J.; Telser, J.; Schenk, G. and Gahan, L.R., Unsymmetrical FeIIICoII and GaIIICoII Complexes as Chemical Hydrolases: Biomimetic Models for Purple Acid Phosphatases (PAPs), Inorg. Chem., 48, 7905–7921 (2009) [read online]

2008 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Drabent, K.; Ciunik, Z. and Ozarowski, A., X-ray Crystal Structures, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, and Magnetic Studies on Strongly Antiferromagnetically Coupled Mixed μ-Hydroxide-μ-N1,N2-Triazole-Bridged One Dimensional Linear Chain Copper(II) Complexes, Inorg. Chem., 47 (8), 3358-3365 (2008) [read online]
2 Feng, P.L.; Beedle, C.C.; Koo, C.; Wernsdorfer, W.; Nakano, M.; Hill, S. and Hendrickson, D.N., Heterometallic Integer-Spin Analogues of the S = 9/2 Mn4 Cubane Single-Molecule Magnets, Inorg. Chem., 47, 3188-3204 (2008) [read online]
3 Feng, P.L.; Koo, C.; Henderson, J.J.; Nakano, M.; Hill, S.; del Barco, E. and Hendrickson, D.N., Single-Molecule-Magnet Behavior and Spin Changes Affected by Crystal Packing Effects, Inorg. Chem., 47, 8610-8612 (2008) [read online]
4 Karadas, F.; Schelter, E.J.; Shatruk, M.; Prosvirin, A.V.; Bacsa, J.; Smirnov, D.; Ozarowski, A.; Krzystek, J.; Telser, J. and Dunbar, K.R., A family of cyanide-bridged molecular squares: structural and magnetic properties of [{MIICl2}2{CoII(triphos)(CN)2}2]•xCH2Cl2, M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Zn, Inorg. Chem., 47, 2074-2082 (2008) [read online]
5 Krzystek, J.; England, J.; Ray, K.; Ozarowski, A.; Smirnov, D.; Que, Jr., L. and Telser, J., Determination by high-frequency and -field EPR of zero-field splitting in iron(IV) oxo complexes: implications for intermediates in nonheme iron enzymes, Inorg. Chem., 47, 3483-3485 (2008) [read online]
6 Lampropoulos, C.; Koo, C.; Hill, S.O.; Abboud, K. and Christou, G., Synthesis, Magnetism, and High-Frequency EPR Spectroscopy of a Family of Mixed-Valent Cuboctahedral Mn13 Complexes with 1,8-Naphthalenedicarboxylate Ligands, Inorg. Chem., 47, 11180–11190 (2008) [read online]
7 Lawrence, J.; Yang, E.-C.; Edwards, R.; Olmstead, M. M.; Ramsey, C.; Dalal, N. S.; Gantzel, P. K.; Hill, S. and Hendrickson, D. N., Disorder and Intermolecular Interactions in a Family of Tetranuclear Ni(II) Complexes Probed by High-Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, Inorg. Chem., 47, 1965-1974 (2008) [read online]
8 Makhankova, V.G.; Beznischenko, A.O.; Kokozay, V.N.; Zubatyuk, R.I.; Shishkin, O.V.; Jezierska, J. and Ozarowski, A., Direct Synthesis, Crystal Structures, High-Field EPR and Magnetic Studies of Heterometallic Polymers Containing Mn(II) Carboxylates Interconnected by [Cu(en)2]2+, Inorg. Chem., 47 (11), 4554-4563 (2008) [read online]
9 Murugesu, M.; Takahashi, S.; Wilson, A.; Abboud, K.A.; Wernsdorfer, W.; Hill, S. and Christou, G, A Large Mn25 Single-Molecule Magnet with Spin S = 51/2: Magnetic and High-Frequency EPR Spectroscopic Characterization of a Giant Spin State, Inorg. Chem., 47, 9459-9470 (2008) [read online]
10 Ozarowski, A., The Zero-Field-Splitting Parameter D in Binuclear Copper(II) Carboxylates Is Negative, Inorg. Chem., 47 (21), 9760-9762 (2008) [read online]
11 Stoian, S.A.; Smith, J.M.; Holland, P.L.; Münck, E. and Bominaar, E.L., Mössbauer, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, and Theoretical Study of a High-Spin, Four-Coordinate Fe(II) Diketiminate Complex, Inorg. Chem., 47, 8687–8695 (2008)

2007 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Aromi, G.; Gamez, P.; Krzystek, J.; Kooijman, H.; Spek, A.L.; MacLean, E.J.; Teat, S.J. and Nowell, H., Novel linear transition metal clusters of a heptadentate bis-beta-diketone ligand, Inorg. Chem., 46, 2519-2529 (2007) [read online]
2 Bagai, R.; Datta, S.; Bentacur-Rodriguez, A.; Abboud, K. A.; Hill, S. and Christou, G., Diversity of New Structural Types in Polynuclear Iron Chemistry with a (N, N, O) - Tridentate Ligand, Inorg. Chem., 46, 4535-4547 (2007) [read online]
3 Bray, T.H.; Ling, J.; Choi, E.S.; Brooks, J.S.; Beitz, J.V.; Sykora, R.E.; Haire, R.G.; Stanbury, D.M. and Albrecht-Schmitt, T.E., Critical Role of Water Content in the Formation and Reactivity of Uranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium Iodates under Hydrothermal Conditions: Implications for the Oxidative Dissolution of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Inorg. Chem., 46, 3663 (2007)
4 Cissell, J.A.; Kaur, N.; Nellutla, S.; Dalal, N.S. and Vaid, T.P., Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties of [(CH3CN)5V-O-V(CH3CN)5[BF4]4, Inorg. Chem., 46, 9672 (2007)
5 Feng, P.L.; Beedle, C.C.; Wernsdorfer, W.; Koo, C.; Nakano, M.; Hill, S. and Hendrickson, D.N., Heterometallic cubane single-molecule magnets, Inorg. Chem., 46, 8126-8128 (2007) [read online]
6 Li, L.; Turnbull, M.M.; Landee, C.P.; Jornet, J.; Deumal, M.; Novoa, J.J. and Wikaira, J.L., Synthesis, structure, and magnetic behavior of bis(2-amino-5-fluoropyridinium)-tetra chlorocuprate(II), Inorg. Chem., 46, 11254-11265 (2007)
7 Wu, F.J.; Simeral, L.S.; Mrse, A.A.; Eilertsen, J.L.; Negureanu, L.; Gan, Z.H.; Fronczek, F.R.; Hall, R.W. and Butler, L.G., Structural characterization of (Al10O6Bu16)-Bu-i(mu-H)(2), a high aluminum content cluster: Further studies of methylaluminoxane (MAO) and related aluminum complexes, Inorg. Chem., 46, 44-47 (2007) [read online]

2006 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Desrochers, P.J.; Telser, J.; Zvyagin, S.A.; Ozarowski, A.; Krzystek, J. and Vicic, D.A., Electronic structure of four-coordinate C3v nickel(II) scorpionate complexes: investigation by High-Frequency and -Field Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and electronic absorption spectroscopies, Inorg. Chem., 45 (22), 8930-8941 (2006) [read online]
2 Dobrzynska, D.; Jerzykiewicz, L. B.; Duczmal, M.; Wojciechowska, A.; Jablonska, K.; Palus, L. and Ozarowski, A., Structural, Spectroscopic, and Magnetic Study of Bis(9,10-dihydro-9-oxo-10-acridineacetate)bis(imidazole)bis(methanol) Nickel(II), Inorg. Chem., 45, 10479-10486 (2006) [read online]
3 Rammal, W.; Belle, C.; Beguin, C.; Duboc, C.; Philouze, C.; Pierre, J.L.; Le Pape, L; Bertaina, S.; Saint-Aman, E. and Torelli, S., Multifrequency EPR and redox reactivity investigations of a bis(mu-thiolato)-dicopper(II,II) complex, Inorg. Chem., 45 (25), 10355 (2006) [read online]
4 Willet, R.D.; Twamley, B.; Montfrooij, W.; Granroth, G.G.; Nagler, S.E.; Hall, D.W.; Park, J.-H.; Watson, B.C.; Meisel, M.W.; and Talham, D.R., Dimethylammonium Trichlorocuprate(II): Structural Transition, Low-Temperature Crystal Structure, and Unusual Two-Magnetic Chain Structure Dictated by Nonbonding Chloride-Chloride Contacts, Inorg. Chem., 45, 7689-7697 (2006)

2005 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Aromi, G.; Telser, J.; Ozarowski, A.; Brunel, L.-C.; Stoeckli-Evans, H.-M. and Krzystek, J., Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and High-Precision High-Frequency and -Field Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Investigation of a Manganese(III) Complex: [Mn(dbm)2(py)2](ClO4, Inorg. Chem., 44 (2), 187-196 (2005) [read online]
2 Bassil, B.S.; Nellutla, S.; Kortz, U.; Stowe, A.C.; van Tol, H.; Dalal, N.S.; Keita, B. and Nadjo, L., The Satellite-Shaped Co-15 Polyoxotungstate, [Co6(H2O)30{Co9Cl2(OH)3(H2O)9(Beta-SiW8O31), Inorg. Chem., 44, 2659 (2005)
3 Bi, Li-Hua; Kortz, U.; Nellutla, S.; Stowe, A.C.; van Tol, H.; Dalal, N.S.; Keita, B. and Nadjo, L., Structure, Electrochemistry and Magnetism of the First Iron(III)- Substituted Keggin Dimer, [Fe6(OH)3(A-Alpha-GeW9O34(OH)3)2]-11, Inorg. Chem., 44, 896 (2005)
4 Buvaylo, E.A.; Kokozay, V.N.; Vassilyeva, O.Yu.; Skelton, B.W.; Jezierska, J.; Brunel, L.C. and Ozarowski, A., High-Frequency, High-Field EPR; Magnetic Susceptibility; and X-ray Studies on a Ferromagnetic Heterometallic Complex of Diethanolamine (H2L), [Cu4(NH3)4(HL), Inorg. Chem., 44 (2), 206-216 (2005) [read online]
5 Harter, A.G.; Chakov, N.E.; Roberts, B.; Achey, R.; Reyes, A.P.; Kuhns, P.; Christou, G.; Dalal, N.S.;, Single-Crystal 55Mn NMR Spectra of two Mn12 Single-Molecule Magnets, Inorg. Chem., 44 (7), 2122 (2005) [read online]
6 Harvey, J. D.; Ziegler, C. J.; Telser, J.; Ozarowski, A. and Krzystek, J., High-Frequency and -Field EPR Investigation of a Manganese(III) N-Confused Porphyrin Complex, [Mn(NCTPP)(py)2], Inorg. Chem., 44 (13), 4451-4453 (2005) [read online]
7 Lansky, D. E.; Mandimutsira, B.; Ramdhanie, B.; Clausen, M.; Penner-Hahn, J.; Zvyagin, S. A.; Telser, J.; Krzystek, J.; Zhan, R.; Ou, Z.; Kadish, K. M.; Zakharov, L.; Rheingold, A. L. and Goldberg, D. Synthesis, Characterization, and Physicochemical Properties of Manganese(III) and Manganese(V)-Oxo Corrolazines, Inorg. Chem., 44 (13), 4485-4498 (2005) [read online]
8 Nellutla, S.; van Tol, J.; Dalal, N.S.; Bi, L.-H.; Kortz, U.; Keita, B.; Nadjo, L.; Khitrov, G. A. and Marshall, A.G, Structure, Magnetism, EPR and Electrochemistry of the Penta-Copper(II) Substituted Tungstosilicate [Cu5(OH)4(H2O)2(A-a-SiW9O33)2, Inorg. Chem., 44 (26), 9795-9806 (2005)
9 Stoian, S.A.; Yu, Y.; Smith, J.M.; Holland, P.L.; Bominaar, E.L. and Münck, E., Mössbauer, EPR and Crystallographic Characterization of a High-spin Fe(I) Diketiminate Complex with Orbital Degeneracy, Inorg. Chem., 44, 4915-4922 (2005)
10 Yang, E.-C.; Kirman, C.; Lawrence, J.; Zakharov, L.N.; Rheingold, A.L.; Hill, S. and Hendrickson, D.N., Single-Molecule Magnets: High-Field Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Evaluations of the Single-Ion Zero-Field Interaction in ZnII3NiII Complex, Inorg. Chem., 44, 3827-3836 (2005) [read online]

2004 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Ammar, A.; Ménétrier, M.; Villesuzanne, A.; Matar, S.; Villeneuve, G.; Chevalier, B.; Etourneau, J.; Rodríguez-Carvajal, J.; Koo, H.-J. ; Smirnov, A. I. and Whangbo, M.-H., Investigation of the electronic and structural properties of potassium hexaboride KB6 by transport, magnetic susceptibility, EPR and NMR measurements, temperature-dependent crystal structure determina, Inorg. Chem., 43 (16), 4974-4987 (2004)
2 Kortz, U.; Nellutla, S.; Dalal, N.S.; Rauwald, U.; Danquah, W. and Ravot, D., Sandwich-type Germanotungstates: Structure and Magnetic Properties of the Dimeric Polyoxoanions [M4(H2O)2(GeW9O34)2]-12 (M , Inorg. Chem., 43, 2308 (2004)
3 Kortz, U.; Nellutla, S.; Stowe, A.C.; Dalal, N.S.; van Tol, J. and Bassil, B.S., Structure and magnetism of the tetra-copper(II)-substituted heteropolyanion [CU4K2(H2O)8(alpha-AsW9O33)2]8-, Inorg. Chem., 43 (1), 144-154 (2004)
4 Krzystek, J.; Fiedler, A.T.; Sokol, J.J.; Ozarowski, A.; Zvyagin, S.A.; Brunold, T.C.; Long, J.R.; Brunel, L.C. and Telser, J., Pseudooctahedral Complexes of Vanadium(III): Electronic Structure Investigation by Magnetic and Electronic Spectroscopy, Inorg. Chem., 43, 5645-5658 (2004) [read online]

2003 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Krzystek, J.; Yeagle, G.J.; Park, J.-H.; Britt, R.D.; Meisel, M.W.; Brunel, L.-C. and Telser, J., High-Frequency and -Field EPR Spectroscopy of Tris(2,4-pentanedionato)manganese(III): Investigation of Solid-State versus Solution Jahn-Teller Effects, Inorg. Chem., 42 (15), 4610-4618 (2003) [read online]
2 Vongtragool, S.; Gorshunov, B.; Dressel, M.; Krzystek, J.; Eichhorn, D.M. and Telser, J., Direct Observation of Fine Structure Transitions in a Paramagnetic Nickel(II) Complex Using Far-Infrared Magnetic Spectroscopy: A New Method for Studying High-Spin Transition Metal Complexes, Inorg. Chem., 42 (6), 1788-1790 (2003) [read online]

2002 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Krzystek, J.; Park, J.-H.; Meisel, M.W.; Hitchman, M.A.; Stratemeier, H.; Brunel, L.-C. and Telser, J., EPR Spectra from "EPR-Silent" Species: High-Frequency and High-Field EPR Spectroscopy of Pseudotetrahedral Complexes of Nickel(II), Inorg. Chem., 41 (17), 4478-4487 (2002) [read online]

2001 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Artus, P.; Boskovic, C.; Yoo, J.; Streib, W.E.; Brunel, L.-C.; Hendrickson, D.N. and Christou, G., Single-molecule magnets: Site-specific ligand abstraction from [Mn12O12(O2CR)(16)(H2O)(4)] and the preparation and properties of [Mn Inorg. Chem., 40 (17), 4199-4210 (2001)
2 Bujoli-Doeuff, A.; Evian, M.; Janvier P.; Massiot, D.; Clearfield, A.; Gan, Z.; and Bujoli, B., New Pillard Layered Gallium Phosphonates in the Gallium/1,2-Ethylenediphosphonic Acid System, Inorg. Chem., 40, 6694 (2001)
3 Kuroda-Sowa,T.; Lam,M.; Rheingold, A.L.; Frommen, C.; Reiff, W.M.; Nakano, M.; Yoo, J.; Maniero, A.L.; Brunel, L.-C., Christou, G. and Hendrickson, D.N., Effects of Paramagnetic Ferrocenium Cations on the Magnetic Properties of the Anionic Single Molecule Magnet [Mn12)O12(02CC6F5)16(H Inorg. Chem., 10 (25), 6469-6480 (2001)
4 Yoo, J.; Yamaguchi, A.; Nakano, M.; Krzystek, J.; Streib, W.E.; Brunel, L.C.; Ishimoto, H.; Christou, G.; and Hendrickson, D.N., Mixed-Valence Tetranuclear Manganese Single-Molecule Magnets, Inorg. Chem., 40 (18), 4604-4616 (2001) [read online]

2000 Publications and Scientific Activities

1 Knapp, M.J.; Krzystek, J.; Brunel, L.C. and Hendrickson, D.N., High-Frequency EPR Study of the Ferrous Ion in the Reduced Rubredoxin Model [Fe(SPh)4]2-, Inorg. Chem., 39, 281-288 (2000) [read online]
2 Pardi, L. A.; Hassan, A.K.; Hulsbergen, F. B. ; Reedijk, J. ; Spek, A. L. ; Smeets, W. J. J. ; Brunel, L.C., Direct Determination of the Single-Ion Anisotropy in a Haldane system by High-Field EPR Spectroscopy : Synthesis, EPR and X-Ray Structure of NixZn1-x (C2O4)(1,2dmiz)2 [x=0.07, 0.09], , Inorg. Chem., 39 (2), 159-164 (2000)
3 Telser, J.; Pardi, L. A.; Krzystek, J. ; Brunel, L. C., EPR spectra from EPR-silent species: High field spectroscopy of aqeous chromium(II) (errata), Inorg. Chem., 39 (8), 1834 (2000) [read online]
4 Yoo, J.; Brechin, E.K.; Yamaguchi, A.; Nakano, M.; Huffman, J.C.; Maniero, A.L. ; Brunel, L.C.; Awaga, K.; Ishimoto, H.; Christou, G.; Hendrickson, D.N., Single-Molecule Magnets: A New Class of Tetranuclear Manganese Magnets., Inorg. Chem., 39, 3615-3623 (2000)

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