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Science Highlights: Tunable fractional quantum Hall phases in bilayer graphene

The general purpose DC Field Program at the Magnet Lab’s headquarters in Tallahassee offers users the strongest, quietest, steady and slowly varying magnetic fields in the world, coupled with state-of-the-art instrumentation and experimental expertise.

The facility contains 14 resistive magnet cells connected to a newly upgraded 56 megawatt DC power supply and 15,000 square feet of cooling equipment to remove the heat generated by the magnets. The research is supported by magnet plant and cryogenic system operators. Technicians design, build and repair instruments for user research. Scholar-scientists — world-class researchers with their own vibrant research interests — work directly with users to get the best measurements and data.

DC Field Control Room
The DC Field facility control room.

The DC Field user program is complemented by the Magnet Lab’s Condensed Matter Group, faculty at Florida State University whose individual research often enhances the DC Field Program through development of new techniques and instruments. Several members of the Condensed Matter Group directly support the user program and are frequent collaborators with external users.

For more information, contact DC Field Facility Director Tim Murphy.

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