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Science Highlights: Magnetic Field Induced Polarization in a Bose Glass State

The High B/T (magnetic field / temperature) Program in Gainesville is operated as part of the Microkelvin Laboratory, which is located in the Physics Department at the University of Florida. The facility is designed to meet the needs of users who wish to conduct experiments in high magnetic fields (up to 15 T) and at very low temperatures (down to 0.4 mK) simultaneously. Faculty members in the facility work with users in the design of experiments where needed. Instrumentation is available for studies of:

  • magnetization
  • thermodynamic quantities
  • transport properties
  • magnetic resonance
  • viscosity
  • diffusion
  • ultrasound propagation
  • superfluid density
  • capacitance
  • pressure

The facility is housed in an ultra-quiet environment with electromagnetic shielding and vibration isolation of the experimental station to permit high sensitivity measurements.

Magnet Systems and Instrumentation



Supported Research

15.5 T SC magnet,
25 mm diameter
experimental volume
Temperatures down to
0.4 mK
Instrumentation available for studies of magnetization, thermodynamic quantities, transport measurements, NMR, viscosity, diffusion, ultrasound, torsion pendulum measurements, capacitance and pressure
20+ T SC magnet, 25 mm diameter experimental volume Additional high Tc insert capable of bringing full field above 25 T with a 12.5 mm diameter experimental space Under development
10 T SC magnet, 25 mm diameter experimental volume Temperatures down to 10 mK Precise measurements of magnetic susceptibilities in weak magnetic systems, transport measurements in semiconductor hetero-structures
Miniature sample rotator in liquid 3He Below 5.0 mK,
1-100 degrees
QHE, FQHE, and metal-insulator transition
Sub-femto ampere current source Ultra high accuracy, low noise High resistance, low density samples
AC magnetic susceptometer Below 1.0 mK Magnetic materials and superconductors
Pulsed NMR spectrometer Up to 1600 MHz Diffusion, magnetic ordering, phase transitions

For more information, consult the Web site for the High B/T Facility at the University of Florida, or contact program director Neil Sullivan.

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